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On behalf of the Board, Directors and Faculty, I welcome you with a great deal of pride to Juilliard Academy. We aim to provide a safe and exciting learning environment for our students. We believe we are in a partnership with all stakeholders to provide academic and social excellence, which will allow each child maximize their potential, and participate successfully in global leadership.

We are a unique school. Our students are exposed to rigorous but fun, national and international standard curricula. We ensure that they are at the forefront in external assessments. Our GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) program provides individualized instruction for gifted students in the core curriculum areas.

Our college program is world class. Our students are prepared for success in national and international college placement. We are working to raise world leaders in different facets of life.

For parents, sending your child to Juilliard is the best investment you will ever make. Teaching children is our business. We are professional teachers and teacher trainers with international certification. Our teachers are graduates of specific content areas, and are constantly trained by our international faculty to become the best in the nation.

We welcome you to visit us, and we assure you that your child will be cared for. We look forward to making the Juilliard journey memorable for our students and parents.


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All intending students are expected to have taken the Nigerian First School Leaving Certificate Examination.

Students seeking admission into the following classes will be assessed and placed in appropriate classes, and must have attained the class age by September of the year of admission:

  • Grade 7 (JSS1)                       11 years or above

  • Grade 8 (JSS2)                     12 years

  • Grade 9 (JSS3)                     13 years

  • Grade 10 (SSS1)                     14 years

  • Grade 11 (SSS2)                     15 years

  • Grade 12 (SSS3)                    16 years

Application packs are available at the school office, at the cost of ₦10,000 (ten thousand naira) only.

The following documents must be submitted along with the completed application form:

  • 2 current passport photographs of the student

  • Birth certificate

  • Previous term’s report card

  • Testimonial

  • First School Leaving Certificate

  • A medical report after admission is offered.

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