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Juilliard Academy operates separate male and female boarding facilities, both located in the serene Magodo G.R.A.


Our hostels are fully air-conditioned. Serious attention is paid to our students' academic work, with strict adherence to prep times. In their spare time, our pupils are allowed to either study, socialise in the common rooms with controlled TV, or take part in exciting extracurricular activities.

We have experienced and caring house-masters and house-mistresses who report directly to the Vice Principal in charge of students' welfare on a daily basis.

Our hostels are transformative boot camps in five-star environments.

Our well-trained kitchen staff provide a balanced and varied nutritional diet of delicious food.


Students are instructed to not bring cash to school. We use a voucher system for purchasing snacks and other items, and arrangements are made with the housemaster or housemistress for haircuts, hair braiding and other expenses.

Visiting days are the last Sundays of every month between the hours of 12pm and 6pm. Parents are encouraged to bring food, drinks and snacks to share with their children or wards.

Our in-residence medical staff offer medical aid for all kinds of basic problems. For more serious cases, our students are taken to our retainer hospital within the G.R.A.

  • Discipline

  • Entrepreneurial skills

  • Personal grooming

  • Leadership training

  • Sports & Outings

  • Conversion of daily travel time to study time, for students who live far from school

  • Inculcation of strong Christian morals and values

  • Intensive academic (after-school) support

  • Safety & Security

  • Comfort

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