Jazzy Jolly Christmas

Exhibitions of fashion and culture, in addition to a lot of Christmas-themed music and drama presentations, might seem an overkill for a secondary school's Carol Service. But for us at Juilliard, this year's "Jazzy Jolly Christmas" which was held at Regency Event Centre on the 10th of December, 2017, combined the above elements seamlessly into a colourful and fun-filled event which showcased our desire to close out the term and year on a high.Among the highlights from this grand event was the runway show, which saw male and female student models strut the stage in various African print pieces also made by student couturiers. The show was immensely appreciated by our cheering parents and guests, who were also thrilled by the students' powerful drama, music and dance presentations.The best performing students in various subjects were celebrated and awarded certificates, and as is our tradition, the student with the highest school-wide API was awarded a scholarship for next term. Miss Chinwe Ebili from 8th Grade took home the coveted scholarship award.We are grateful to all our parents, staff, students, sponsors, and partners for all their contributions to the event, and to the Academy in general this year. We look forward to an even better 2018, as we wish you compliments of the Christmas season, and a blissful New year!

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